Would you like to leave the noisy city life and to enjoy the picturesque corner of Transcarpathia. You are welcome to the cozy recreation spot near the green bushy wood.

The complex consists of the motel, the restaurant, the banquet hall, the sauna and parking. There is the restaurant for 20 persons on the first floor and the banquet hall for 50-60 persons on the second floor. Our restaurant is specialized on the Transcarpathian and Hungarian cuisine dishes. We shall organize the family holidays, birthdays and corporate parties with great pleasure.

You have possibility to spend the night in 6 nicely furnished rooms. There you can find:

  • well equipped shower room
  • individual air conditioning control
  • multichannel television with satellites programs

At your disposal in the yard of the motel there are arbors and two terraces for big companies. Our experienced cooks will offer you a reach choice of meals on a grill.

Our Hunter's charda will create the atmosphere of hospitality, the family cosiness and hilarious mood for you.


  Complex Myslyvska charda